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Do we need to meet up?

That’s totally up to you, although it’s always nice to put a face to a name, we can always just communicate via phone, text, email or zoom if you prefer.

What information do i have to provide?

This varies, we are more than happy to create your content for you. After discussion, we will detail all your requirements and information you want included on your website so you don’t have to collate all the information for us, but sometimes, as you can imagine for niche businesses, the information may be better coming from you, or certainly some information. Items such as images for your gallery can be forwarded by you or alternatively, we can access them from any social media accounts like Facebook, etc.

Are there any monthly charges to pay?

No, there are no monthly charges to pay, you will only be invoiced once every 12 months a small, renewal fee, the price depending upon which package you have.

What does the annual renewal fee include?

The annual renewal fee includes everything you need to keep your website up and running for a further 12 months, this includes the domain name registration, hosting, email, maintenance and for the provision of any small changes you might require.

Do i have to pay to make changes?

Generally no, but this will be at our discretion. Acceptable small changes could include changing of text, adding or removing pages, amending contact details, changing SEO and adding or removing images from the gallery. Although small changes are included, generally the only time you will be charged anything additional would be if you fundamentally changed the design or function of your website. Examples where you would be charged could include; changing the colour scheme or adding ecommerce functionality, or for in our opinion, an excessive number of changes. In these circumstances you would be charged an hourly rate to carry out any such changes, agreed in advance.

Can i cancel or move my website?

Yes, you can cancel your services with us or choose to move your website to another hosting provider at any time and at no cost with no notice, but any outstanding invoices must be settled first.

Will my website work on a mobile phone?

Yes. All our websites are “Responsive”, meaning whatever device you use to view your website, the information will move around and resize automatically to suit the device being used.

Will i be on page one of Google?

No! Although it’s possible you could be. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not an overnight process and we certainly do not guarantee any search engine page positions as this is something that just simply cannot be calculated. We do our best to optimise your website and submit it to Google, this is when the SEO journey starts. There are over 200 ranking factors that Google use to rank a website. Free SEO, often referred to as Organic SEO, will be ranked against all your online competition in conjunction with Google’s algorithms, only when you use paid advertising can you guarantee where you will be placed within SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Do you include any stock images?

Yes, any stock images we feel will fit the general design and layout of your website, we will supply free of charge, but most importantly, we will hold all relevant licenses to use any stock images.

Can i sell on my website?

Yes, but depending upon the number of items you wish to sell and other criteria, this would need to be discussed first to ensure we could proceed adding the ecommerce functionality to your website?

Who makes the changes to my website?

Generally we will always make any changes to your website, as there is typically no fee for this, most of our customers prefer this as it’s easier for them. All changes are carried out as soon as possible, usually within a 24 hour period.

Who is responsible for the content on my website?

Any content you supply, including text content or images, you will be responsible for that content, any content we create or images we add, we will be responsible for that content. It is important to note that you should not copy text from other websites or copy images from other websites as we cannot not be held liable.

What about GDPR?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) is often referred to with the use of websites, but in fact, GDPR is a business-wide regulation, which businesses need to abide in all areas of their business, not just their website. We include a Privacy Policy as standard, but it is the responibility of you to ask us to amend this policy, should you need to make any changes to fall in line with your own GDPR policies. We cannot be held liable for the Privacy Policy not complying with current legislation.

When is the first annual renewal due?

The first annual renewal is due 12 months after your domain was first registered, so all you will pay in the first year is the package price, you will not have to pay the annual renewal until the initial 12 months have passed, this will be invoiced then every 12 months.

What Is An SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate (the padlock) is an additional level of security that basically encrypts any information anybody enters onto the website, this could include filling out personal information on a contact form or entering banking details while using checkout. 

Can i see how many people visit my website?

Yes, but first you need to create a FREE Google account, then log into Google Analytics using your Google account email and password. From here you can create your FREE Google Analytics account. Once you have completed the few steps required, you will be given a Google Analytics Tag (this will be several lines of code). Simply email us this code and we will embed it into your website, then your website will begin to collect all the data about visits to your website, where you can view such information from directly within your Google Analytics account.

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