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Stephen Turner Web Design (“we”) do our utmost to ensure our customer’s (“you”) website and email work as effectively as possible, however, due to unforeseen circumstances outside of our control, (including conflicting software updates and malicious website attacks) we cannot guarantee no issues will ever occur, but if they do and where possible, we will endeavor to resolve any issues in a timely manner, whilst keeping you updated.

We make every effort to ensure websites are designed and built to work with the most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but we cannot guarantee 100% functionality across all web browsers and different operating systems, nor can we accept any responsibility for websites, which do not work correctly on new versions of web browsers released after your website initially went live.

We use third-party software within all of our website designs (as do most web designers), this includes both themes and plugins. We cannot accept any responsibility for the discontinuation of any such software or conflicts caused by any such software, where in the process deems your website fully or partially unusable. We will, however, endeavor to resolve any issues in a timely manner, where possible, whilst keeping you updated.

All our services may be used for lawful purposes only. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claims resulting from your use of our service that damages you or any other third party.

We cannot accept any responsibility for websites not working correctly due to alterations caused by you or by a third party acting on your behalf, such alterations include additions, modifications, and deletions as well as from the result of making changes to the administration dashboard.

We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, financial or otherwise due to any malicious compromise of your website or email addresses. This includes any successful hacking attempts made on your website, which could include the alteration of content and also includes any compromise or misuse of any email addresses. An example of email misuse maybe where your email address has been compromised and is being used to get your customers to send funds to a different bank account. It is your responsibility to change your email passwords on a regular basis, ensuring the passwords are strong to reduce any likelihood of your email being compromised.

You are responsible for all the content you supply to us to build your website and must have all legal rights to use the content that you provide us, including any copywriting and image rights.

You are responsible for all content added by yourself or by a third party acting on your behalf and must have all legal rights to use the content, including any copywriting and image rights. We cannot accept any responsibility for claims against you in relation to any added content made by yourself or by a third party acting on your behalf.

We cannot guarantee any positioning within search engine results, nor can we guarantee any quantity of traffic driven to any website.

You are responsible for checking all information is correct on your website and that your website is functioning correctly, this includes all contact details are correct and that all email addresses and contact forms work correctly.

You are responsible for creating and keeping up to date with any type of policy required by law, this includes GDPR and Cookie Consent, once forwarded to us, we will implement these into your website. This also applies with relation to any laws that must be adhered to relating to the use and, or function of your website including accessibility. As standard we do not implement strict GDPR policies or accessibility functionality to any of our websites, however, we can undertake any additional work towards compliance upon request, charged accordingly.

All websites are backed up periodically, generally after any major update, but we cannot backup your email. You are responsible for making the necessary backups of all your emails and email accounts. In the event of any loss of emails or email accounts under any circumstances, we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss of information.

We do not offer any payment terms, all invoices are due strictly 7 days from the date of invoice. Where invoices are not paid on time, several attempts will be made to contact you to discuss any outstanding arrears. When all attempts by us to settle any outstanding arrears have been exhausted we will discontinue all your services with immediate effect (this includes any websites and any email accounts) and without notice and your debt will be written off. In the event of your debt being written off, we will not renew any services for you in the future.

Your annual renewal includes your domain name registration, hosting, email, and the provision of any amendments to your website (at our discretion, other charges may apply for larger amendments) and also includes the continued use of any third-party software we have already paid for or continually pay for, however, should you wish to terminate your annual renewal with us and move your website to another hosting company, there will be no charge for this, but any third-party software we have already paid for or continually pay for will be deactivated and uninstalled thus may leave elements of your website unusable until you or your new hosting company purchase your own licenses for said third-party software.

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All our website designs are bespoke and designed exclusively for each client, based upon their individual branding and requirements. They are fully functional, creative, mobile friendly and easy to use.

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All our websites are hosted on managed SSD servers, monitored 24/7/365, safeguarding against malicious attacks and with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, you can be rest assured your in safe hands.


All our websites include Search Engine Optimisation as standard, a service which we feel should never be offered at an additional cost as SEO is an integral and imperative part of any website design service.

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